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December 09, 2019

Why Using Spray Foam is a Smart Choice


Crawl Spaces Also Benefit From Spray Foam Insulation

Your crawl space, like your attic, is an integral part of the building envelope. Extreme temperature differences in this area generated from numerous locations in the crawl space lead to heat loss and heat gain. Take control, stop any natural air movement and hang on to that conditioned air that you’ve paid for by having Everest Insulation insulate your Toronto crawl space.

Insulating the Floor Above the Garage

Is the bedroom or bathroom above your garage cold? This is a common problem in suburban Ontario homes because so many two floor houses are designed with rooms above the garage. And while this may be a great configuration for getting the most out of narrow building lots, it does cause a lot of people cold feet and heat loss. The reason is simple. These rooms are typically under-insulated, especially in the floors. The problem also extends to older homes built over crawlspaces, and in both cases the same strategy is ideal for solving the problem.The only insulation matiral that will work effectivly in garage ceiling is Spray foam Insulation.

How to find the square footage of insulation needed  for home exterior walls.  

1) Measure the width and height of the exterior wall, from the top of the floor joist to the bottom of the ceiling joist. Multiply the two measurements to get the total square footage of the wall.

2) Measure the height and width of any windows or doors in the wall. Multiply the measurements to find the area of each window or door, and subtract them from the total square footage of the wall. This gives you the square footage of insulation you need for that wall.

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